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Carroll Awning company now offers flat metal canopies manufactured by Datum Metal Products. A division of Hoover Architectural products, Datum was born from the legacy of industry leading custom fabrication techniques & top quality products.   Adding another dimension to the wholesale metal canopy market, Datum draws from over 65 years of custom fabrication and installation experience. This experience alone allows us to provide industry leading quality and skilled customer service ‘know how’ to help you get the job done right!

The Datum product line consists of all aluminum, fully fabricated structures which guarantees a high strength, high quality easy to install product.


– Fast Quotes (Aegis & Plexus Products)IMG_0625
– Custom product quotes within 24 hours
– AutoCAD production sheet included for each project
– Fully welded, all aluminum structural framing
– High strength aluminum alloy custom milled components
– All stainless steel hardware
– Fast & knowledgeable customer service

Carroll Awing also installs flat metal canopies for commercial and residential use in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. metro area, and throughout Maryland and Virginia.

Flat metal canopies make a bold architectural statement, with solid construction and a sturdy look and feel. Aluminum flat metal canopies combine light weight with a durable, weather resistant framework. The lighter weight allows the canopy to extend further with fewer support bars taking up space.

IMG_0516Your flat metal canopy will be custom manufactured to the exact specifications of your location. Constructed with low-maintenance, durable materials, these canopies are an investment that lasts. With a classically elegant white framework, you can select from a range of colors to get the perfect match.

View a photo gallery of flat metal canopies here.



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